The E15M Program

Please view a few scenes from our Every 15 Minutes films and then take a look at some others on YouTube.

No other company offers the level of quality and care we put into our E15M films – we believe in this message.

“Dear Mom and Dad…”

“Today I died, and I never got the chance to tell you…”

Every 15 Minutes is a powerful two-day program designed to educate high school students about the dangers of choosing to drink and drive. The program can also address problems presented by texting and other distractions while driving.

The program has changed hearts and minds all over the world, and contributed to changing the statistic after which the program was  named: in 1991, someone died in an alcohol related crash once every 15 minutes. Today that number has decreased to every 41 minutes.

6360 Productions is proud to have produced over a dozen Every 15 Minutes video programs in cities throughout Southern California.

If your school is planning an Every 15 Minutes event and you’d like to provide your students with an even more memorable experience, please contact us for rates and availability.

(323) 363-6777

Pricing and Scheduling

Every school’s program is different, and pricing will vary depending on the elements you include.

Here is some of the info we’ll need to prepare a quote. If you’re still in the planning stage and don’t have all the information, don’t worry – give us what info you have.

  • The dates of your event
  • The number of cars
  • The number of student actors (driver, passenger, pedestrian, etc)
  • Will you will include:
    • A Grim Reaper
    • Living Dead students, and if so, how many
    • Classroom removals
    • Campus graveyard memorial
    • Courtroom scene
    • Emergency room (and how many students will be “treated”)
    • Jail
    • Home notifications
    • A narrative story to be filmed and edited in advance
  • Any other ideas you have for making your program perfect!


The most important thing is getting you into our calendar, so contact us as soon as you have your dates!

Palos Verde Peninsula HS